Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red-White Apartment Interior Decor

I always like when people use white color as neutral one in their interiors. It’s great in combination with almost any other color and looks much more modern than warm beige or similar colors. This 80 sqm apartment in Tel Aviv is great example of how adding red parts to such decor could make it not just modern but also harmonic.
Even though it’s only 80 sqm the apartment make an impression of big studio. It is an open-space where rooms are separated by glass walls and
folding doors. Just one button click could make bedroom more private by closing glass windows. Because the owner don’t afraid dominant red there are a lot of things colored with it: furniture in living room, kitchen furniture, bed and wall above it in bedroom and some other smaller objects. Slim furniture closets are responsible for adding the sense of space to the apartment.

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