Saturday, June 20, 2009

Luxury Bathroom Furniture With Gold Or Silver Covering – Hermitage By Oasis

Italian Company Oasis offers a very luxury collection of bathroom furniture which is not new but deserves attention. It is named Hermitage as a big and wonderful Russian museum, which is placed in royal palace. Looks its beauty is what has inspired Oasis designers to create this collection. All models of this collection amaze by their splendor and are really worthy to decorate a palace. These bathroom vanities have a quite simple shape but very expensive finishes. Some of them are covered by gold or silver, others are made from Rosewood. Several washstands are decorated by charming ornaments in orient or Arabic styles. Washbasins are made of polymeric material and thanks to that their shape look very original and quite ancient. There are models with one or two washbasins available.

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