Monday, May 25, 2009

White Apartment Interior Design - Ojito Residence by I-Beam

I-Beam designed a new kind of minimal white space which could exhibit art collection of apartment owners. Their spatial concept reflects upon the compositional strategies employed in painting in order to achieve that. The loft includes a guest bedroom, a home entertainment center, an office, an open dining area, numerous cabinets and moving exhibition panels, so there is enough space to accommodate an evolving art collection. Guest bathroom is interesting because it’s made of acid etched mirror, which gives the impression of expanding space and suspended gravity. There are almost no doors around the apartment besides shower room which separate the bathroom from the bedroom. The loft’s total area is 1900 square feet and use white palette which expand the space even more.

Luxurious 23 Oakmount Drive Residence in Beverly Hills

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Luxury Lamp From Gallery Verti d’Arte

Italian company Gallery Vetri d’Arte offers a big collection of elegant lamps, mostly in traditional style. All its products are original and capable to amaze by their refinement and lightness. Recently Gallery Vetri d’Arte has presented a new ceiling lamp, which has been named Elysee. This charming lamp is designed by Marina Toscano and entirely made of high quality Murano glass. This cascade of transparent crystals is ideal for people who like brilliant decorations, but they must have high ceiling, because Elysee’s height is 80 cm. Even though it is quite big it doesn’t look heavy or massive, but light and and distinguished. Light of six bulbs reflects from crystals of different shapes and makes this lamp a luxury decoration, which could transform any living room or bedroom to the gorgeous place.

View House by Johnston MarkLee

Diego Arraigada Architects and Johnston MarkLee are the guys behind the View House. Located in Rosario, Argentina, it’s a contemporary residential design that gets the eye with its irregular cast concrete contour that also “hides” it well withing the lush landscape. Built on a restricted site, scarred by fire and unstable geologic conditions, this modern two-storey house features a minimalist interior on a backdrop of white and large windows for natural light. It’s a great design exercise.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Compact Bathroom Suites by Laufen

Stylish at its best, the latest compact bathroom suites from Laufen manage to get the eye with their vibrant designs. An amazing contrast of black and white shades, the bathrooms look perfect for those buildings where space has become a commodity and you have to pack everything in a small spaces. Contemporary looking, with rounded edges and sleek surfaces, who would have thought that small-sized bathroom amenities could have such a big impact. Quite an inspiring collection that got us sold at a first glance.

Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” Kitchen

Dubbed “the disappearing kitchen,” Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” kitchen is a slick and glossy design with long modern lines and bold, flat accents. Developed with a neat satin finish to give a heavy golden impression, Armani’s kitchen is meant to fold up and neatly fit behind wide doors and large panels, literally vanishing into the simplicity of its design. Created in collaboration with the design studio Dada, the complementary dining tables, refrigerator, dishwater, steam and standard ovens, food warming drawer, gas stove and wine cellar can all be adjusted to hide (as required) behind the panels which have the same finish as the walls. A great concept for a modernist home (especially for those among us with a love for Armani’s signature design style), this kitchen would be a brilliant premise for those interested in entertaining in a high-end modular concept home. So be sure and contact your private architect to get them on board!

Mickey Mouse TV Stand by Pacini Cappellini

Designed by Pacini Cappellini the Mickey Mouse TV Stand is a wall system that is not just a stylish wall system to place your flat-screen TV, but you can also use the mouse ears to store your favorite DVDs, CDs and books. Made of lacquered MDF, the Mickey Mouse TV stand features two glass shelves, with a storage drawer placed below the unit where you can place your other a/v equipment keeping the area tidy. Children and adults will love the modern TV stand design which based on a cartoon character and is remarkably subtle, with a hint of playfulness.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children’s bedrooms by Dearkids: A splash of color and a dash of delight

Set to be showcased at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show this April, the cool and contemporary children’s bedrooms designed by Dearkids stole our heart with their attractive shades, wonderful use of available space and great design options. The complete bedroom designs vary from the eternal favorite pink (though this one is a tad bit too dark) to trendy orange and even the plain white at times. Apart from the colors, there are various bed options available, tiny staircases, plenty of chairs, tables, cushions and all the other stuff that make a kid’s bedroom truly complete. Your little one can even display his own name proudly on the bed as it doubles up as safety railing. Colorful and full of life all the way! -

The Floating Bed by Falegnameria 1946

Designed by Leonardo Danielli, the Urano bed from Falegnameria 1946 appears to float above the ground with its cantilevered design structure. Built from dark oak and burnished metal, the Urano, designed by Leonardo Dainelli, rests on a thick frame and features a headboard. This unique design is breautiful because is an useful piece of furniture and also an illusion it’s somehow defying gravity.