Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Storage splurge: How to buy a wardrobe

You are trying to redecorate your bedroom or even conjure up the design and decorating aspects of a new one and you are always faced with the daunting challenge of picking a new wardrobe that will suit all your needs? Whether you wish to use this storage space for your precious and fragile clothes or any other stuff you’ll put in, the right wardrobe can satisfy these needs with ease. But what exactly constitutes a good wardrobe and how is it that you can pick one from the whole lot in the market? Here is the answer to that puzzling question.

#1 Cross-check for the size
The wardrobe that you wish to invite into your home’s interior must fit in perfectly with its new found destination, hence why you should consider the available space. A wardrobe that is too large or diminutive, looks out of place and will diminish the overall appeal of your home. Just get the size right before anything else.

#2 Quality (materials)
There is no doubt that most often wood is the preferred material for closets. But even with wood, there are various types which range in quality. That’s why picking something that is low on build means that the top layer will peel off within no time. There are other materials available like plastic and metal, which go just great with sleek and contemporary interiors.

#3 Wardrobe types
You can either custom order the wardrobe or have an already made wardrobe modified to certain extent. Or even get an unaltered existing one. While this one is the cheapest, the comfort factor also varies greatly. What you need here is a balance between your necessities and how much cash you can spare. The choice is purely individual.

#4 Wardrobe styles
From the Victorian in the classical-style to the eclectic in the exotic, from the light wood in country style to the heavy metals of the retro; it is just a matter of choosing what you want as there are truckloads of models available in various designs and following multitude of themes.

*5 The quality of thefinish
You can easily check that out in every little closet of the wardrobe. Push them in and out and listen for squeaking sounds which are clear indicators that the product is flawed. Check the edges to know the exact quality of finishing and how long it will really last.

#6 A test to the Knobs and Pulls
These will have to last as long as the wardrobe does. Hence, have a complete check of how these work, the quality of metal used and scan for any rust or cracks in the joints. Do not ignore them because if the joints or the knobs come off, then there will be little left of your lovely wardrobe.
Once you are convinced with the quality and floored by the beauty of the wardrobe, then go ahead and consider the price options. But in case of a wardrobe it is best if you spend well once as it will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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