Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decorating Gallery: Bathrooms

Inspired by colorful flags seen at Italian festivals, designers created a unique look with an offset pattern of two colors of solid-color tiles. Beige and cream wall tile form diagonal lines, while blue and beige floor tiles are laid in a checkerboard design.

Economy of design, striking shapes, and rich textures help a 5 x 6-foot powder room blend function and luxury with Asian-style serenity. The bronze basin and limestone countertop are clean-lined and contemporary.

The master bathroom in this classic Tudor-style home has plenty of timeless English touches, common to this type of turn-of-the-century home. The freestanding tub sits in the middle of a shiny walnut floor and the room features built-in cabinets and intricate moldings.

Clean lines, high-contrast colors, and beaded board give the master bath an eclectic feel. A black vanity topped with blue granite anchors the room, while white walls above are a bright contrast. Perfect symmetry adds a contemporary touch.

Strategically placed mirrors replace mirrors over each sink. Instead, these homeowners have a view of trees and gardens. Cottage-style cabinets have a new look with smaller cabinet doors and a large drawer underneath, atop a graceful arch at the floor.

This bath is a study in contrasts. White trim, fabrics, and fixtures stand out against a wall palette of cool blues and tidewater greens painted in a mosaic design.

The elements of this grand bath each include impressive proportions. From the tall windows to the wall of mirrors, from the granite tub decking to the raised fireplace, this is a space to relax in pampered comfort.

Blue and white details abound in this guest bathroom, but the decorative touches do not overwhelm the small space. Trompe l'oeil painted plates beautifully extend the blue-and-white theme that began with the unusual sink.

Pristine white beadboard walls are pleasingly paired with a vintage-style table and accessories in this bathroom. The existing tub and sink were reglazed (rather than replaced) to update their country charm yet make them more attractive and functional.

This master bath is part of an attic-turned-master-bedroom suite. The sloping ceiling inspired angled walls, creating interesting nooks of space for bath fixtures and storage.

Floor-to-ceiling style comes to this bath in the form of glazed ceramic tiles laid in a gingham pattern and a clean-lined chandelier that offers living room elegance on a scale appropriate this space. A walk-in closet is located behind the frosted-glass door.

Terrazzo wall tiles embedded with glass chips spread color and pattern to the shower. The clear glass enclosure draws attention to the tiles and curvy shower hardware, plus it takes advantage of natural light.

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